LE01 - Complete Body
LE02 - Glass Frame Compact
LE03 - Glass Frame 1P
LE04 - Glass Frame 1P with Bracket
LE05 - Glass Frame Old Model
LE06 - Dera New Model
LE07 - Dera Old Model
LE08 - Dera Compact
LE09 - Y Chassis
LE10 - Neck New Model
LE11 - Neck Old Model
LE12 - Front Flooring
LE13 - Front Flooring New Model
LE14 - Front Flooring With Plate Of 2
LE15 - Front Flooring With Plate Of 3
LE16 - Rear Flooring
LE17 - Front Flooring Compact
LE18 - Rear Full Flooring Old Model
LE19 - Rear Full Flooring New Model
LE20 - Rear Flooring Box Cut New Model
LE21 - Rear Flooring Box Cut Old Model
LE22 - Speaker Flooring
LE23 - Seat Flooring
LE24 - Side Panel Petrol